What's new?

All the latest features and improvements to B12.


New colorful interface for practical activity statistics!

We have improved the statistics interface for practical activities to make data reading more intuitive and efficient. With color indicators (red, yellow, green), you can now easily and quickly track your progress.


Translate your organization name and logo

You can now translate your organization name and logo if you are an administrator in your organization settings tab.

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A custom answer scale !

Now you can customize the response scale of your behavioral indicators for a unique experience!

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All your practical cases in one place!

The observation page lets you track your users self-evaluations using different search levels (by program, group and practical cases). You can search for completed self-evaluations as well as those still to be achieved. Simplify your work and save time by quickly and easily consulting all the information you need.

B12 gets a fresh coat of optimizations 🚀

For users with a lot of courses, some network requests took as much as ~3.75 seconds! These have been trimmed down to a mere ~0.3 seconds.

B12 should now run faster than ever!

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Engagement at the forefront.

A program's dashboard now displays a summary of the learners' engagement level. Taking the pulse has never been so easy!


Save time by bookmarking your courses ⭐

As a designer, if your organization has a lot of courses and it's hard to find your way around, then you can bookmark your courses.


B12, now full-screen!

Activities in B12 are now fullscreen for an leaner and distraction-free experience. Enjoy a more and streamlined workflow with this latest update.

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